Exploring 14 Famous Border Collie Mixes

Border Collies have long been recognized as one of the most intelligent and versatile dog breeds. Their outstanding herding abilities and unwavering loyalty have won the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. With their rise in popularity, it’s no surprise that Border Collie mixes have gained significant attention in recent years. These unique hybrids combine the best traits of the Border Collie with other breeds, resulting in a wide array of fascinating and lovable companions.

Understanding Border Collie Mixes

Border Collie mixes, or designer dogs, are the result of crossing a purebred Border Collie with another breed. This intentional breeding aims to blend the desirable characteristics of both parent breeds, giving rise to offspring with diverse traits and appearances. While some mixes are carefully planned by professional breeders, others occur naturally through chance encounters. The popularity of Border Collie mixes can be attributed to their distinctiveness and the potential for combining different temperaments, physical attributes, and skills.

Border Collie Labrador Mix: The “Borador”

Border Collie Labrador Mix "Borador"
Image Source Pexels


The Borador, a mix between a Border Collie and a Labrador Retriever, brings together the best of both breeds. With their striking appearance and friendly nature, Boradors have become beloved family pets. They often inherit the intelligence and trainability of the Border Collie, coupled with the Lab’s gentle and sociable temperament. Boradors excel in various activities, such as agility and obedience training, and require regular exercise to keep their active minds and bodies satisfied. Notable celebrities who have fallen in love with Boradors include Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix: The “Border-Aussie”

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix "Border-Aussie"
Image source pexels


The Border-Aussie, a cross between a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd, is a versatile and energetic mix. Known for their agility and herding abilities, Border Aussies inherit the intelligence and work ethic of both parent breeds. Compared to purebred Border Collies and Australian Shepherds, Border-Aussies often display a unique blend of physical features, such as striking coat color and pattern. They thrive in active households and require mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom. Border-Aussies have made their mark in the entertainment industry, with famous hybrids like Lassie captivating audiences with their talent.

Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix: The “Golden Collie”

Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix "Golden Collie
Image Source Pinterest


When you mix the loyal and gentle nature of a Golden Retriever with the intelligence and agility of a Border Collie, you get the incredible Golden Collie. These stunning hybrids often possess the Golden Retriever’s beautiful coat and the Border Collie’s distinctive markings. Golden Collies are known for their sociable and affectionate personalities, making them excellent companions for individuals or families. Training and socialization are key for these mixes to thrive, as they can be prone to separation anxiety without proper attention. Heartwarming stories of famous Golden Collie mixes have demonstrated their ability to bring joy and comfort as therapy dogs.


Border Collie German Shepherd Mix: The “Shepherd Collie”


Border Collie German Shepherd Mix "Shepherd Collie"
Image Source Pixabay


Combining the medium-sized frame and endurance of a Border Collie with the strength and loyalty of a German Shepherd results in the remarkable Shepherd Collie. These mixes often exhibit a variety of coat variations, ranging from the Border Collie’s signature black and white to the German Shepherd’s striking sable hues. The Shepherd Collie’s intelligence and eagerness to work make them excellent candidates for various dog sports and activities. Notably, many Shepherd Collie mixes have proven their worth in search and rescue operations, showcasing their unmatched dedication and problem-solving abilities.

Border Collie Corgi Mix: The “Borgi”

Border Collie Corgi Mix: The "Borgi"
Image Source Flickr


Who can resist the adorable appeal of the Borgi, a delightful combination of a Border Collie and a Corgi? These compact and energetic mixes inherit the Border Collie’s intelligence, coupled with the Corgi’s playful and charming nature. Borgis often exhibit a Corgi-like body with the Border Collie’s expressive eyes, resulting in an undeniably cute appearance. While grooming needs may vary depending on the individual, Borgis generally have moderate shedding tendencies. Their compatibility with families and children has made them a popular choice, and even celebrity dog lovers like Hugh Jackman and Queen Elizabeth II have welcomed Borgis into their homes.

Border Collie Husky Mix: The “Husky Collie”


Border Collie Husky Mix: The "Husky Collie"
Image Source Pinterest


The Husky Collie, a mix between a Border Collie and a Husky, is renowned for its striking and eye-catching appearance. These hybrids often inherit the Husky’s blue or multi-colored eyes along with the Border Collie’s striking coat patterns. With a combination of their parent breeds’ energy levels, Husky Collies require ample exercise and mental stimulation to lead happy and balanced lives. Training can be challenging due to their independent and strong-willed nature, but with patience and consistency, these mixes can become well-behaved and obedient companions. Famous Husky Collie mixes have graced the silver screen, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide with their beauty and charm.

Border Collie Poodle Mix: The “Borderdoodle”

Border Collie Poodle Mix: The "Borderdoodle"
Image Source Flickr


Borderdoodles, a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle, combine the intelligence and trainability of both breeds. These hypoallergenic mixes have become popular among individuals with allergies, thanks to the Poodle’s non-shedding coat. Borderdoodles often exhibit a wavy or curly coat, which requires regular grooming to maintain its appearance. Known for their affectionate and friendly nature, Borderdoodles excel in training and various dog sports. These hybrids have also made a significant impact as assistance and therapy dogs, providing comfort and support to those in need.

Border Collie Boxer Mix: The “Borderboxer”

Border Collie Boxer Mix: The "Borderboxer"
Image Source Flickr


The Borderboxer, a mix between a Border Collie and a Boxer, combines the athleticism and strength of the Boxer with the intelligence and agility of the Border Collie. These energetic and medium-sized mixes often possess a well-defined muscular physique. With their friendly and playful personalities, Borderboxers make excellent companions for families and children. Training and socialization are crucial for these outgoing mixes to develop good manners and adaptability. Many Borderboxer mixes have excelled in various dog sports and competitions, showcasing their agility and athleticism to the world.

Border Collie Dalmatian Mix: The “Dalmollie”

Border Collie Dalmatian Mix
Image Source Flickr


Dalmatian mixes always draw attention, and the Dalmollie, a blend of a Border Collie and a Dalmatian, is no exception. These mixes exhibit the Dalmatian’s distinctive coat patterns, combined with the Border Collie’s athleticism and energy. Dalmollies are known for their high energy levels and need for mental and physical stimulation, making them suitable for active individuals or families. Training and agility trials are especially enjoyable for these hybrids, where they can showcase their remarkable speed and agility. Dalmollies have quickly become an inspiration in the agility world, demonstrating their prowess and grace in competitive trials.

Border Collie Beagle Mix: The “Border Beagle”


Border Collie Beagle Mix: The "Border Beagle"
Image Source Flickr


Border Beagles, a mix between a Border Collie and a Beagle, is a unique blend of intelligence and a keen sense of smell. These mixes often display physical traits that vary, reflecting the diverse appearances of their parent breeds. Border Beagles share the Beagle’s friendly and sociable nature, making them great companions for families and individuals. However, due to their Beagle lineage, their instinct to follow their nose can sometimes lead to distractions during training. Nonetheless, Border Beagle mixes have excelled as therapy animals, providing comfort and companionship to those in need.


Border Collie Rottweiler Mix: The “Rotollie”

Border Collie Rottweiler Mix: The "Rotollie"
Image Source Flickr


The Rotollie, a mix between a Border Collie and a Rottweiler, is a striking blend of loyalty and intelligence. These mixes often possess a strong and muscular build, reflecting the Rottweiler’s physical traits. Rotollies require regular exercise and mental stimulation to maintain their well-being and prevent boredom. Training challenges may arise due to their independent and confident nature, requiring experienced handlers who can establish leadership. Rotollies have made a positive impact in various service roles, showcasing their versatility and dedication as working dogs.

Border Collie Great Dane Mix: The “Dane Collie”

Border Collie Great Dane Mix
Image Source Pinterest


The Dane Collie, a cross between a Border Collie and a Great Dane, embodies the impressive size and graceful proportions of both parent breeds. These gentle and sociable mixes often thrive in various living environments, adapting well to apartments or spacious homes. It’s essential to meet their nutritional needs adequately, as their size presents specific dietary considerations. Despite their size, Dane Collies possess a friendly and calm temperament, making them suitable companions for individuals and families alike. Some Dane Collie hybrids have made a name for themselves in sports and therapy assistance, using their size and gentle demeanor to bring comfort and support.

Border Collie Pit Bull Mix: The “Pit Collie”

Border Collie Pit Bull Mix: The "Pit Collie
Image Source Flickr


The Pit Collie, a blend between a Border Collie and a Pit Bull, challenges misconceptions and showcases the true nature of these gentle and loyal mixes. These intelligent hybrids often possess a striking appearance, combining the Border Collie’s distinctiveness with the Pit Bull’s muscular build. Training and socialization are crucial for Pit Collies due to their strong-willed and determined nature. When raised in loving and responsible homes, Pit Collies prove to be excellent companions. Many Pit Collie mixes have contributed to the community through advocacy and success stories, debunking stereotypes and showcasing their loving and resilient nature.

Border Collie Shih Tzu Mix: The “Border Shih Tzu”


Border Collie Shih Tzu Mix
Image Source Pinteredt


Border Shih Tzus, a mix between a Border Collie and a Shih Tzu, brings a touch of elegance and charm to the world of Border Collie mixes. These small to medium-sized hybrids often display physical characteristics reminiscent of both parent breeds, creating a unique and eye-catching appearance. Border Shih Tzus inherit the Border Collie’s intelligence, making them quick learners, while also showcasing the Shih Tzu’s affectionate and friendly nature. Regular grooming is essential to maintain their coat’s health and ensure they look their best. Border Shih Tzus have also proven their worth as emotional support animals, providing comfort and companionship to those in need.



The increasing popularity and appeal of Border Collie mixes come as no surprise. These hybrids offer a fascinating combination of traits, making them remarkably versatile and unique companions. Whether you’re drawn to the athleticism of the Borderboxer or the elegance of the Border Shih Tzu, there is a Border Collie mix for every dog lover. With their friendly and loving nature, Border Collie mixes bring joy and companionship to countless individuals and families, making them ideal additions to any home.

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