Alabai Dog Price in India 2023: Fun Facts & FAQ’S


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Alabai dog price in India for the year 2023.  If the thought of bringing one of these incredible furry companions into your family has crossed your mind, it’s vital to understand the factors influencing their prices, the costs associated with their care, and other crucial aspects of this breed. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the captivating history of Alabai dogs, explore the different variations they come in, and discuss their personality traits, grooming requirements, training essentials, and potential health considerations. Plus, we’ll provide you with an honest overview of the positives and potential challenges of having an Alabai dog as a cherished companion. So, let’s get this journey started!


Alabai Dog Prices in India

Alabai dog price in India ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1,00,000 or even more. Breeder Reputation, Pedigree and Bloodline, Physical Attributes, and Demand and Availability are some important factors that determine the Alabai dog price in India.

Alabai dog price in India: Major Indian Cities

Alabai Dog Price In Indian CitiesDifferent Cities
Alabai Dog Price In DelhiRs.70 K – Rs. 100 K
Alabai dog price In KolkataRs.70 K – Rs. 100 K
Alabai dog price In MumbaiRs.70 K – Rs. 100 K
Alabai Dog Price In ChennaiRs.70 K – Rs. 100 K
Alabai Dog Price In BangaloreRs.70 K – Rs. 100 K
Alabai dog price In CoimbatoreRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In KeralaRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In NagpurRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In AhmedabadRs.70 K – Rs. 100 K
Alabai dog price In LucknowRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai Dog Price In HyderabadRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In PuneRs.70 K – Rs. 100 K
Alabai dog price In JaipurRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In GuwahatiRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In ChandigarhRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In DehradunRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K
Alabai dog price In PunjabRs.60 K – Rs. 90 K


Factors Affecting Alabai Dog Prices in India


Breeder Reputation: Well-respected breeders who’ve truly made a mark in the industry often set slightly higher price tags for their Alabai dogs. This is mainly because their breeding programs are top-notch, ensuring the pups are healthy, and come with a solid dose of socialization.

Pedigree and Bloodline: Alabai dogs with prestigious pedigrees and desirable bloodlines are generally priced higher. These bloodlines may be associated with show-winning dogs or renowned ancestors, which adds to their value.

Physical Attributes: Specific physical traits, such as size, coat color, and conformation, can also impact the price of an Alabai dog. For example, a rare coat color or a perfect conformation may increase the demand and subsequently drive up the price.

Demand and Availability: As with any commodity, the interplay of supply and demand affects the price of Alabai dogs. If the demand for this breed is high while the availability is limited, the prices are likely to be higher.


Associated Costs with Alabai Dog Ownership

Some of the common expenses associated with Alabai dog ownership include:

Purchase Price: The initial cost of acquiring an Alabai dog can vary greatly, depending on the factors mentioned earlier. On average, you can expect to pay a considerable amount for a well-bred Alabai puppy.

Veterinary Care: Regular visits to the veterinarian for vaccinations, preventative care, and health check-ups are essential for maintaining your Alabai dog’s well-being. These visits, along with any unexpected medical expenses, should be factored into your budget.

Food and Nutrition: Alabai dogs are large and powerful animals, requiring a substantial amount of high-quality dog food to meet their nutritional needs. The cost of feeding an Alabai can be higher compared to smaller breeds.

Grooming: While Alabai dogs have a relatively low-maintenance coat, they still require regular grooming to keep their fur healthy and free from matting. Grooming tools, such as brushes and shampoos, as well as occasional professional grooming, should be considered.

Training: Alabai dogs are intelligent and strong-willed, making training an important aspect of their ownership. Investing in professional training sessions or obedience classes can help you shape their behavior and ensure they become well-rounded companions.

Exercise and Entertainment: Alabai dogs are full of energy and vitality, so they thrive on regular exercise and mental engagement to maintain their well-being and happiness. It’s important to consider the costs associated with providing them with toys, interactive games, and possibly creating a secure outdoor space with proper fencing to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

Be prepared to spend Rs50,000 to Rs70,000 per year apart from the purchase cost if you are planning to bring this majestic breed home.


Alabai dog price
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Breed Overview

Breed NameAlabai Dog
Also Known AsCentral Asian Shepherd Dog, Turkmen Alabai
Alabai dog OriginCentral Asia
Alabai dog SizeLarge to Giant
Alabai dog Weight RangeMales: 110-190 pounds (50-86 kg), Females: 80-150 pounds (36-68 kg)
Alabai dog Height RangeMales: 25-32 inches (64-80 cm), Females: 23-28 inches (58-71 cm)
Alabai dog Coat TypeThick double coat with a dense undercoat
Alabai dog Coat ColorsVarious colors including white, black, brindle, and more
Alabai dog TemperamentLoyal, protective, intelligent, alert, and calm
Alabai dog PurposeOriginally bred for guarding and protecting livestock
Alabai dog LifespanAverage of 10 to 12 years
Alabai Dog Activity LevelModerate to high
Alabai Dog Grooming NeedsRegular brushing to prevent matting and occasional baths
Alabai dog TrainingRequires early socialization and consistent, firm training
Alabai dog Health ConcernsMay be prone to hip dysplasia, obesity, and joint issues
Alabai Dog Special QualitiesExcellent guard dog with a strong protective instinct
Alabai dog CompatibilityCan be good with families if properly trained and socialized
Alabai dog Notable FeaturesImpressive size and strength, loyalty to family, history of protecting livestock
Alabai Dog Cultural SignificanceHas a significant role in Central Asian folklore and heritage
Alabai Dog Price in IndiaRs 60,000 to Rs 1,00,000


A Brief History of Alabai Dog

The history of the Alabai dog is a truly remarkable journey that spans thousands of years. This incredible canine companion was purposefully bred in the heart of Central Asia to serve as a steadfast guardian for livestock, shielding them from formidable predators like wolves and bears. The roots of the Alabai’s ancestry can be traced back to the days of ancient mastiff-type dogs, renowned for their unwavering strength, unyielding loyalty, and fearless nature.


Types of Alabai Dog

There are several types or strains of Alabai dogs, each with its own distinct characteristics. These include the Tobet, the Kangal, the Akbash, and the Aksaray Malaklisi. While all types share the core traits of the Alabai breed, they may exhibit slight variations in appearance and temperament.


Temperament of Alabai Dog

Alabai dogs have built quite a reputation for themselves thanks to their rock-solid loyalty, strong territorial instincts, and an innate knack for protection. These wonderful canines forge profound connections with their families, displaying unwavering devotion and a gentle demeanor toward the ones they hold dear. However, they are also known to be wary of strangers and can exhibit aggression if they perceive a threat.


Grooming Needs

Despite their impressive appearance, Alabai dogs have relatively low grooming needs. Their dense double coat provides excellent protection against the elements, but regular brushing is still recommended to keep their fur in good condition. Occasional baths and routine nail trims are also essential for maintaining their overall hygiene.


Life Span

Typically, Alabai dogs enjoy a lifespan that spans anywhere from 10 to 12 years on average. But here’s the exciting part: With the right mix of proper care, a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and those all-important visits to the vet, certain individuals can actually stretch those years out a bit more. This means they can provide their lucky owners with extended periods of companionship, happiness, and cherished moments.


Training Needs

Training an Alabai dog requires consistency, firmness, and positive reinforcement. Due to their independent nature, they may be challenging to train for inexperienced owners. Early socialization and obedience training are crucial to ensure they develop into well-behaved and manageable pets.


Health Issues

While generally a robust and healthy breed, Alabai dogs can be prone to certain health issues. Just like any breed, having an Alabai dog as a companion brings its own unique set of benefits and things to think about. So, let’s dive in and explore the upsides and downsides of inviting this magnificent canine friend into your home.


Alabai Dog
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Pros & Cons of Owning an Alabai Dog

As with any breed, owning an Alabai dog comes with its own set of advantages and considerations. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of bringing this magnificent canine into your home.


Loyal and Protective: Alabai dogs are fiercely loyal and protective of their families, making them excellent guard dogs and reliable companions.

Low Grooming Requirements: Despite their size, Alabai dogs have relatively low grooming needs, which can be a relief for owners looking for a low-maintenance breed.

Impressive Appearance: With their striking presence and majestic appearance, Alabai dogs are sure to turn heads wherever they go.


Requires Experienced Ownership: Due to their strong-willed nature and protective instincts, Alabai dogs are better suited for experienced dog owners who can provide consistent training and socialization.

Not Suitable for Every Household: Alabai dogs thrive in homes with experienced owners who can meet their exercise needs and provide them with the proper leadership, making them less suitable for first-time dog owners or households with small children.

Potential for Aggression: While their protective instincts are admirable, Alabai dogs can display aggression towards strangers or other animals if not properly trained, managed, and socialized from an early age.


Fun Facts

To wrap up our comprehensive guide, let’s explore some interesting fun facts about Alabai dogs:

1. The Alabai dog is considered a national treasure in Turkmenistan and is often used as a symbol of national pride.

2. Alabai dogs have a strong sense of hearing and can detect sounds from a considerable distance, making them excellent guard dogs.

3. Alabai dogs have a strong nurturing instinct and have been known to adopt and protect other animals in their household, including kittens and lambs.

4. Alabai Dogs hold significant cultural value in Central Asian folklore, often appearing in tales, art, and even being featured on postage stamps.

5. These dogs have been trusted companions of nomadic tribes for centuries, sharing warmth, protection, and friendship on long journeys across vast landscapes.

6. Their bravery in confronting predators like wolves earned them the nickname “Wolf Crushers,” showcasing their fearlessness in protecting their charges.

7. The Alabai Dog’s roots can be traced back thousands of years, making it one of the oldest and most ancient dog breeds in existence.



Q. What exactly is an Alabai Dog?

A. The Alabai Dog, also known as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, is a big and powerful breed that originally comes from Central Asia. They’re famous for being super loyal and protective.

Q. So, how are Alabai Dogs when it comes to their personality?

A. Alabai Dogs are actually really loyal, and smart, and they’ve got this protective streak in them. They’re the calm and alert types, making them fantastic as both guard dogs and buddies.

Q. Can Alabai Dogs get along with families?

A. Yes, they totally can! Once you’ve trained them right and they’re used to socializing, Alabai Dogs can become really great companions for families. They’re quite protective of the ones they love.

Q. What’s the deal with exercise for Alabai Dogs?

A. They’re the active type, so they need their fair share of exercise. Regular walks and playtime are a must to keep them happy and healthy.

Q. Do Alabai Dogs play well with other pets?

A.  It’s all about starting early. If you introduce them properly and give them the right training, Alabai Dogs can actually get along well with other pets.

Q How long do Alabai Dogs usually live?

A. On average, they live around 10 to 12 years. But if you make sure they’re well taken care of and you’re keeping up with vet check-ups, they might even live longer.

Q. Are they okay with apartment living?

A. Well, they’re quite big and they like their space. Having a yard is definitely better for them. Apartment living might not give them all the room they need.

Q. Are grooming sessions a thing for Alabai Dogs?

A. Oh, absolutely. They’ve got this thick double coat, so regular brushing is key to avoid tangles. And baths every now and then plus some grooming keep them looking good.

Q. Health issues, Are they prone to any?

A. Just like any breed, there are some health issues they might face, like hip problems or even becoming a bit chubby. Regular vet visits and a balanced lifestyle help out.

Q. How strong is their bite?

A. Hold onto your hats, their bite is strong – around 550-650 PSI! It’s a sign of their history as guard dogs.

Q. Guard dogs, you say? Are Alabai Dogs good at that?

A. You bet! Their natural instincts make them fantastic guard dogs. They’re fearless and super alert when it comes to protecting their turf.

Q. Different weather, can they handle it?

A. They’re no strangers to various climates. Central Asia had all sorts of weather, and Alabai Dogs did just fine. With a bit of care, they can adapt to different conditions.

Q. Training, do they need a lot of it?

A. They’re strong-willed, so a bit of consistent training is a good idea. Start early and use positive techniques – it really helps shape their behavior.

Q. First-time owners, can they handle Alabai Dogs?

A. They’re a bit of a challenge for new owners due to their protective nature and training needs. If you’ve got some dog experience, you’ll be in better shape.

Q. Do they bark a lot?

A. Yep, they’ve got that guarding instinct, so they might bark when something seems off. Training and socializing can help manage those barking moments.

Q. Is the Kangal bigger than the Alabai dog?

A. In general, Kangals are a tad bigger, but both breeds are on the large side. Keep in mind that individual dogs can vary in size.

Q. Alabai dogs in India, is that a good match?

A. Yes, they can live in India, but they need their space and proper care. Their protective side and size make them suited for homes with enough room and care.


Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the Alabai dog is a magnificent breed that requires experienced ownership and dedicated care. Considering the factors that influence their prices, understanding the associated costs of ownership, and acknowledging both the pros and cons is essential when contemplating adding an Alabai dog to your family. With proper training, socialization, and responsible ownership, the Alabai dog can be a loyal, protective, and loving companion for those who appreciate their unique qualities.


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